Care, Boarding, & Life Cycle

It is important to know how energy and health are used and gained, how to properly care for your horse, boarding options, and the expected lifetime of your horse. This is the first step in understanding how horses interact with showing, training, and breeding. Click each header to view more information.

Energy and Health

Energy and health for your horse is reset daily. Learn how energy and health affects actions, resets, and can be improved.


All horses need daily care but it doesn’t have to be a tedious drag! Care includes feeding, watering, and grooming your horse.


Horses need somewhere to rest for the night. Learn about boarding at home or away and benefits to each.

Your Horses Life Paths

At the start of your horses life there are several paths they can take. All horses have an ideal path. Learn how to pick the best path for your horse. Career? Discipline showing? Halter showing? Lawn ornament?

Life Cycle

Horses age 1 year each week but also go through various life changes. Learn about a horses life cycle.


At the end of a horses lifetime, they go into retirement. Learn more here.

Showing & Training

Showing and training are two of the most important aspects of improving your herd. Through training your horses gain performance stats which helps in discipline showing and careers. There are several important factor to consider for showing and training such as performance stats, training centers, training boosts and more.


Show Disciplines

Learn about the possible disciplines you can show in and which performance stats they use.

Show Ranks and Tiers

Horses with higher performance stats move up ranks and tiers. Learn about moving up ranks and tiers of shows.

Performance Stats (PS)

All horses have performance stats that are gained through training and determine show scores and even the quality of their offspring.

Training Guide

Learn how to train your horses performance stats and why training is useful for showing and benefits offspring.

Showing & Training

Horses showing scores are influenced by their training. Learn how here!

Breeding & Training

Learn how a sire and dams training and show level affect their offspring’s training boost. This is how horses improve over generations!

Foal Training

Unlock a foal’s potential through foal training. Through training learn your foals personality and earn their training boost.

Your Training Center

Learn about your training center at your estate. This is where you will home-train your horses.

Training Manuals

Learn about the training manuals and how they are helpful in a training program.

Breeding & Foals

Breeding is one way to add more horses to your herd but also improve your herd each generation. Breeding includes many factors depending on your breeding goals such as genetics, horse level, breed standards, and more.

Breeding Goals and Considerations

Before you consider breeding it’s a good idea to set a breeding goal. There is plenty to consider such as breed standards, genetics, horse levels and more.

How to Breed

Breeding is one of the main focuses of players in Horse Fable (HoFa). Through breeding you can improve a breed, create beautiful coat colors, and discover or create your own crossbreeds.

Horse Levels

Horse levels are most important when breeding horses to improve your herd. A horses level determines the training boost of it’s offspring which will greatly improve an offspring’s ability to earn more performance stats.

Breed Standard (BS)

All breeds have a standard that determines how “perfect” your horse is. Learn how BS affects showing, breeding, and how to calculate breed variance.


Skills are used for careers and halter shows. Learn how to increase skills and how they influence career paths.


Horses are more than competition machines. Learn about horses and how their personalities determine careers and more.

Color Genetics & Variations

Learn all about current color genetics, variations, mutations, and more! The world of Horse Fable has an endless possibility of color combinations and even unique markings.

Studs & Broods

Looking to breed outside of your lines? Want to offer up a stud or brood?

Straws, Eggs, & Embryos

Retrieve straws, eggs, or create embryos in the Breeding Clinic. Learn how to here.

Types of Breeding

There are several types of breeding in HoFa that allows for an endless possibility of horse colors, colorful breeds, new breeds, and crossbreeds! Currently breeding is broke into purebreeding, crossbreeding, grade horse breeding, and breed club campaigns.


Horses that are purebreds when bred to purebreds, produce another purebred.


Crossbreeding occurs when you cross two different purebreds, generic crossbreeds or recognized crossbreeds.

Grade Horses

Want to create leopard Norwegian Fjords? Breed any color into any breed! Breeding back to 95% pure of a single breed can produce a grade horse.

Breeding Campaigns

Want to create your own breed? Crossbreed club campaigns give you the ability to create your own original breed to be added to the world of Horse Fable.