How to Breed

Breeding is one of the main focuses of players in Horse Fable (HoFa). Through breeding you can improve a breed, create beautiful coat colors, and discover or create your own crossbreeds.

Breeding Goals and Considerations

Before you begin breeding, consider setting a breeding goal.

Breed Standard (BS)

All breeds have a standard that determines how “perfect” your horse is. Learn how BS affects showing, breeding, and how to calculate breed variance.


Horses that are purebreds when bred to purebreds, produce another purebred.


Crossbreeding occurs when you cross two different purebreds, generic crossbreeds or recognized crossbreeds.

Grade Horses

Want to create leopard Norwegian Fjords? Breed any color into any breed! Breeding back to 95% pure of a single breed can produce a grade horse.

Studs & Broods

Looking to breed outside of your lines? Want to offer up a stud or brood?

Straws, Eggs, & Embryos

Retrieve straws, eggs, or create embryos.

Create A Breed

 Start a Club Campaign to create your very own breed!

After Breeding Considerations

Foal Training

Unlock a foal’s potential through foal training. Through training learn your foals personality and unlock training boost.