Your estate overview shows all of your estate statistics from land total, stalls, and show creation.


Overview displays:

  • Land available and total
  • Barn stall total
  • Feed and water storage totals
  • Show creation limit


In overview, you can demolish estate upgrades and receive back a 75% bit refund and 100% of used land.




Tags can be added to horses and are perfect for use in various filters. Have a breeding project that’s breed and color based? Create tags to filter the breed and the color!


Tags have no limit to how many you may create nor how many may be added to a single horse.


Quickly sort horses by adding them to specific tabs. When horses are in tabs they will display under that tabs dropdown on your stable page. Tabs are useful for sorting horses in large sections. Tags are useful if you wish to sort horses by specifics.


There is no limit to how many tabs you may have. However, horses can only display under a single tab.


Quick sort horses into tabs at the bottom of the page. You can select as many horses as you like to quick sort into tabs you’ve made.


Update your stable name, stable description, brand, horse transfers, and enter all settings here.

Brands may be set for free for the first time but cost 50 ingots to have a brand reset.


Enter all settings are used for the enter all 1 account upgrade and is great to set to quickly enter horses from their pages.