Estate Overview

View all recent changes to your estate to keep track of your finances and horses.

Discipline Shows

Total earned in discipline shows. This can be a positive or negative number.

Halter Shows

Your total for winnings in halter shows. This can be a positive or negative number.


Total earned through entering careers. This is always a positive number.


The sum of all gains and losses for the past night.

Retired Today

See the list of horses that have retired from your stables overnight. When horses retire that are sent to your retirement pasture to be viewed. 

Aged Up Today

See a quick overview of all of your horses that aged up overnight. These are all of your horses who have age +1 year overnight.


View horses that have had placements here. This helps keep track of those who are greatly excelling in competition.

Level Ups

Overnight many horses may level up if they are in halter or discipline shows. You can see a list of horses who changed levels overnight.