Foundation Store- Aren Gee

The store stands far away from most buildings to accommodate the large amount of horses standing around. Outback you see rolling hills of fields with all sorts of horses grazing. Aren seems to be tending to those who are standing by the fence.

Aren: “ Hello hello hello! Are you here to buy a foundation horse? I had new herds gallop in this morning. Let me know below what you want and I’ll let a random one run to your stable! I offer no guarantees on the horses so you could spend a bit but just know, the money goes to a good place.”


Aren sells all of the foundation horses available in town. Oddly, herds join her daily eager to go to new homes so there is usually a never-ending supply of equines! Due to some horses being rare breeds Aren only sells them on specific days for a higher price. These are:

  • Marwaris – 5th of each month for 10,000 bits
  • Akhal-Tekes – 17th of each month for 10,000 bits

New Breeds

Aren is able to predict when new breeds will be running from the wilds. When new breeds gallop into town, they are first available in custom coins to help the herd grow before they’re available in the foundation store. The Thursday after at 6 PM EST/game time Aren opens up the breeds sale slowly and they become available to gold and platinum players. On the Saturday after at 12 PM EST/ game time the breed goes live in Arens foundation store.