Ingot Store – Amy Thyst

The store is filled with the sound of wind chimes and appears to be spotless. The transaction counter is carved from a fine marble with a matching cupboard behind. A couple of ingots sit in a bowl where Amy is standing counting up today’s sales.

Amy: “Happy to sell you some ingots if you like. I just finished up counting out the last sale. My ingots are very useful to buy some items or services.”


Amy works selling ingots to help fund new features to be built from the capital. She works as the liaison between the town and those who can help ensure the town expands, even without that pesky train.


Amy sells subscriptions that help fund more features for the town. These subscriptions each have their own perks and unlock several estate expansions and even an ingot allowance.

Account Basic




Name Gem None
Estate Acreage 150 1,000 1,000 1,250
Boarding Passes 100 250 275 300
Horse Show Limit 5 10 10 10
Show Creations 6 20 20 20
Weekly Ingot Allowance 0 0 50 100
Training Center
Boarding Center
Custom Avatar
Exclusive Forum Access
Early Access to New Breeds
Auto Gene Testing
Mass DNA/Gene Test
Custom Backgrounds



Ingot purchase available


Subscription only


Subscription only


Canceling or upgrading to a higher or lower subscription can be done from the ingot store under Upgrade Account> Manage Subscriptions or Account Settings>Subscriptions. This takes you to the Stripe management page. Upgrading from one subscription to a higher one only charges the month difference and the higher tier takes effect immediately. Ex. Bronze monthly to Gold monthly would charge $3 at the check out then the $6.99 monthly for future months. If you cancel, your upgrade is good until the time of your next subscription payment.