Careers are useful for horses that aren’t quite cut out for discipline or halter shows. They offer a way for horses excelling in skills and personality to earn money. Horses must have their personalities fully tested or revealed through Foal Training in order to be sent off to work in a career.

Currently, there are 5 careers to select from. Horses may only have a single career but can have both a career and discipline set.


There are whispers from the locals those back at the capital are planning more for career horses. Some say careers have some sort of large economic value.



Therapy Horse Those in need of equine therapy may come and interact with horses for therapeutic growth.
Lesson Horse Visitors can learn to ride horses or expand their riding skills through lessons.
Working Draft Various tasks are needed to be completed at the farm such as plowing or log pulling.
Education Horse Here visitors who wish to learn about equines may visit to experience and learn about them first-hand.
Model Horse Let your horse strut its stuff and while visitors enjoy staring at its beauty.

Career Centers

To set a horse’s career you must have the correct career center.

Career centers are where your horses go to work for you. These can be bought from Mason Bildmore at construction and cost $50,000 bits each with the Model Horse career given to you for free.


The Career Center page will display all of the career centers you currently own.   When clicking each specific career center, it will bring up a page with a list of all horses in that career. Here you can enter your horses with just a few clicks. If you have the enter all 2 account upgrade you can select all horses in the career to be entered at once.

Horses may enter a job every 30 minutes and will use 20% of their energy per job complete.


Careers use a calculation that includes: personality, skills, and at a very low rate, performance stats. Skills and personality are weighted the most in this calculation with performance stats given the least weight and act as a bonus. Each career has an ideal personality associated with it. This ideal is unknown and takes some trial and error to discover.

Read more about skills, skill caps, skill in heritance when breeding here.

Horses have career tiers that they move through in their lifetime. A horse’s career tier depends on the sum of the skills used in the career. This means if a career uses aptitude, tolerance, and communication, the sum of your horse’s skills in those 3 determine its career tier.

Beginner 0 – 40
Novice 40.01 – 80
Amateur 80.01 – 120
Proficient 120.01 – 160
Qualified 160.01 – 200
Professional 200.01 – 240
Expert 240.01 +




Performance Stats

Performance stats are used for careers and can be trained just like disciplines. Performance stats are used at a very low weight for careers and act as a boost. In order to train in performance stats for a career horse, at least 1 training center must be owned or someone else’s training center be open. 

Education Horse Intelligence Flexibility Endurance
Therapy Horse Agility Endurance Flexibility
Working Draft Power Agility Intelligence
Lesson Horse Speed Intelligence Endurance
Model Horse Intelligence Flexibility Agility


Entering horses in a career job uses 20% of their energy. This means horses may enter 5 career jobs a day. Entering has no cost since the horses are working at your home-owned career centers. For jobs completed your horse will earn skills, bits, and horse level points per job. The total skills, bits, and horse level points per job depends on the career tier and how well the horse performs. Higher tiered horses earn more skills, bits, and horse level points.

Horses underperforming in a job earn fewer bits so, those with lower earnings may be better suited for a different career.