Skills are gained by entering your horse into career jobs and halter shows. Each job completed will earn your horse a small % to the completion of the 3 skills used for the career. This means, each career has 3 skills that are ideal for completing the career. As your horse advances through the career tiers, the % of skills, bits, and horse points they earn per job also goes up. For halter shows, the skills increase is given to a random 3 stats.

Career Tiers

A horse’s career tier is based on the sum of the skills used in the career.


0 – 40


40.01 – 80


80.01 – 120


120.01 – 160


160.01 – 200


200.01 – 240


240.01 +


Breeding Skills & Skill Caps

When breeding horses, their offspring will gain a small percentage of their skills. This means skills can be bred for. However, the maximum possible born skills a foal may have is 20.

Each generation of career horses has the opportunity to improve their skill cap. All horses have a minimum possible cap in all skills of 40. As horses are bred to improve skills caps, the maximum possible cap is 100. Skill caps determine how many skills your horse can earn in its lifetime. Increasing skills caps means your horses will be able to have more skills and move on to higher career tiers.

Born Skills

Skills are passed onto the next generation based on the parent’s skills.
(Mare skill % + Stallion skill %)/10 = foal born skill %


Skills & Foundation or Custom Horses

Currently, the skills for foundation and custom horses generate randomly between 1 and 20 with a skill cap of 40.


Skill Cap

All horses have a possible skill cap that is based on the parent’s skills.
(Mare skill % + stallion skill %) /2 & rounded up to nearest 10 = Foal skill cap

Skill caps have the lowest value of 40 with a maximum value of 100.

Performance Stats & Careers

To help each generation of career horses further improve, each career uses performance stats at a low weight. Training and breeding for performance stats for careers works just like breeding and training performance stats for disciplines. To train a career you must own at least 1 training center or, train at an open training center.

Education Horse Intelligence Flexibility Endurance
Therapy Horse Agility Endurance Flexibility
Working Draft Power Agility Intelligence
Lesson Horse Speed Intelligence Endurance
Model Horse Intelligence  Flexibility Agility