Breeding & Training

When breeding horses it’s important to keep in mind the sire and dam levels, skills, and performance stats. Horses with higher levels, skills, and performance stats produce foals that are more desirable to buyers or help move forward a breeding program.

Training Boost (TB)

Foals earn a training boost (TB) from parents with high show levels. TB increases the maximum amount of PS a horse can earn from each training. Horses with higher TB will gain performance stats (PS) much more quickly than those with a low TB.

TB is calculated by the following:
(Mare Level + Stallion Level) / 10 = Foals TB
Ex. (10 + 20) / 10 = 3

Note: Foals that are 6E receive an extra +2 TB

Horses with a high TB are valued by many players and often sell very well. Thus, it is advised to wait to breed until your horses have a high level. Not only are high TB foals valuable but they gain PS at a much faster pace than foals without one!