Upgraded players can offer boarding to others after purchasing boarding stalls via Estate > Boarding > Manage. Stalls cost $100. This amount increases by $50 per 5 stalls bought after 5. At 250 stalls an ingot charge will be added at a flat rate of 50 ingots for 5 stalls.


Owning a boarding center offers the benefit of collecting boarding costs. It is a way to earn money in-game while also increasing the number of available stalls for others.


As an owner of a boarding center, you can set prices for DIY, Part, and Full livery from Estate>Boarding>Manage. Each option can be toggled on or off, however, if someone is boarded with you under an option you remove, they will not be kicked unless they change centers. Each boarding option has a base cost suggested. This accounts for the cost of paying for the services offered per option + a bit more for taking up a stall. When you adjust boarding center prices, the price does not change for current boarders. Only new boarders will be charged the new price.


Kick Rules

There are a few options you can use for those who are boarded with you. Each boarding center can set kick rules which will automatically kick anyone who does not follow those rules. The kick rules are:

  • Bad Payments: Sets the # of bad payments allowed. A bad payment occurs if someone cannot pay for boarding at rollover.
  • Inactivity: Sets # of days allowed for the player to be inactive, if they don’t log on for the set # of days then their horses are kicked.
  • Frozen Time: Sets # of days allowed for the player to have their account frozen. If they keep an account frozen for the set # of days, their horses are kicked.
  • 0% Health: When selected, horses that hit 0% health will be kicked.