Looking around it seems eerily quiet here. A large sign sits on the old mahogany oak desk and reads “Registration is open for all Breed Registries. Please select the breed registry and follow instructions for their registration page. As a courtesy to you, the registries automatically accept all horses and give them a star rating based on their breed standard. If you are looking for crossbreed registration please check the Clubs location.”. It appears the locals have streamlined the registration effort so no need to have someone staff the facility.


It costs $1,000 to join a registry and $250 to register each horse. Registering a horse rewards its stars based on their breed variance (BV). Once you have joined, you are able to see all the other players who breed that breed, as well as all the horses registered in that registry.

Breed registries allow you to register your horse if they are the correct breed. By registering your horse in a breed registry, your horse will be given a star rating based on its breed variance. This star rating determines what tier of halter shows you may enter. Stars are used for players to quickly view their horses and get an idea of their horses overall breed variance. Breed variance is the sum total of the variance from perfection of your horse’s breed.

Halter Shows

Halter shows are entered from the horse page, breed registry pages, or the Halter Arena. Halter shows run once there are 20 entrants and only allow for 10 horses entered to be owned by the same person. Halter shows are categorized by:

  • Breed
  • Star Value
  • Genders of:
    • Male (Stallions/Geldings)
    • Female (Mares/Sterlile Mares)
    • Foals (Colts & Fillies)

Halter shows cost $10 to $50 to enter depending on the star value, with 1* being $10 and 5* being $50. The payout for halter shows includes halter points, skills, horse points, and bits.