All horses need daily care but it doesn’t have to be a tedious drag!

Energy and Health

Energy and health for your horse is reset daily. Learn how energy and health affects actions, resets, and can be improved.


Horses need somewhere to rest for the night. Learn about boarding at home or away and benefits to each.

Breed Standard (BS)

All breeds have a standard that determines how “perfect” your horse is. Learn how BS affects showing, breeding, and how to calculate breed variance.

Performance Stats (PS)

All horses have performance stats that determine show scores and even the quality of their offspring.


Skills are used for careers and determine your horses’ career tier. Learn how to increase skills and how they influence career paths.


Horses are more than competition machines. Learn about horses and how their personalities determine careers and more.

Horse Paths

All horses have an ideal path. Learn how to pick the best path for your horse. Career? Discipline showing? Halter showing? Lawn ornament?

Life Cycle

Horses age weekly but also go through various changes. Learn about a horses life cycle.

Star Value

Learn more about a star rating on a horse and what it means.

Horse Levels

Horse levels are most important when breeding horses to improve your herd.