Personality is used in careers to determine what type of career job your horse best excels at. Horses with a personality geared toward their career earn higher bit payouts and move up career tiers quicker. Personalities are revealed through foal training and are used in careers. Each horse has 4 personality traits:

  1. Gregariousness
  2. Predictability
  3. Reactivity
  4. Sensitivity

Within each of these traits, there are 3 labels that give you your horse’s specific personality.

For example:
Gregariousness has the sub-traits of Loner, Sociable, and Clingy. Each horse will have 1 of these 3 sub-traits to describe its personality.

Sub Traits

The sub traits to personality traits are:

Gregariousness Loner (L) Sociable (S) Clingy (C)
Predictability Predictable (P) Lively (L) Abrupt (A)
Reactivity Uncaring (U) Neutral (N) Touchy (T)
Sensitivity Oblivious (O) Attentive (A) Hyper Aware (H)

Each horse is given four letters to make up its personality. Each letter is taken from one of each of the personality traits. For example, a LPUO horse is LPUO because:

  1. Its gregariousness sub-trait is “Loner” (L)
  2. Its predictability sub-trait is “Predictable” (P)
  3. Its reactivity sub-trait is “Uncaring” (U)
  4. Its sensitivity sub-trait is “Oblivious” (O)

Is your horse a CATO? Maybe a LLNA?

Unrevealed Personality

Horses that did not have personality revealed as a foal through foal training must be tested at the vet. This costs $150 per trait to reveal. Both foundations and custom horses have their personality auto revealed when purchased.

Breeding Personality

Foals inherit their parents’ personality as an average for the sire and dam with a small variation. This means personalities can be bred for rather than random!

Personality in Careers

The career score calculation heavily weighs the personality stats. Each career has an ideal personality which determines if your horse is suited for the career. Horses that are not suited for the career will not score well and may even not be paid.