Input all the information you wish others to see or edit general account settings here.

You may edit:

  • Display name – The name everyone is able to view.
  • Email (requires verification)
  • Status – Displays below your info on the player page.
  • Avatar – Show off a nifty profile avatar.
  • Toggle on/off viewing shouts – Decide if you want to see shouts at the top of every page.
  • Input profile banner – Upload a banner for your page.
  • Add custom profile page info – Add info about yourself, your goals, or customize your profile page using CSS and HTML.
  • Forum signature – Displays below all forum posts.
  • Freeze your account. – Freezes all horses and game play until you thaw.


Update your password here. Note, staff will never ask you for your password. Sharing your password with others is dangerous and could cause you to lose your account.


Best to keep your password secret.


Linked Accounts

Link any 2 other accounts you own together. You are able to link your other accounts for easy access between each.


To switch to another account click the boxed arrows by your name in the top banner.


Remember, you are only allowed 3 total accounts. Having more than 3 or sharing an IP with more than 3 will immediately cause all accounts to be banned.