Market Street is the location of all of the sales buildings in town. Here you can view all of your buying and even selling options. The market has access to the wilds on both sides and is quite often busy with excitement. In the market there are several notable buildings:

  • Bildmore Construction – Mason Bildmore hangs around here and sells all estate expansions and upgrades. Best to stay on his good side.
  • Sellum General – The general Store is owned by Will Sellum. A local business person who loves to import new items and sell in bulk!
  • Rescue – Sae Vedd opened the rescue due to the high rate of wandering domesticated horses in the wilds. Here, she gives surrendered horses a second chance.
  • Foundation Store – Aren Gee loves to play matchmaker and will sell you any breed or gender of horse that comes to her from the wilds.
  • Ingot Store – Ingots are highly valuable currency and help bring new features to town! Amy Thyst has spent a lifetime forging the finest ingots.
  • Bank – Everyone needs somewhere to hold their bits. Macon Green owns the local bank and has quite a few feelings about well…everything.
  • Market – No one knows quite who runs the market but it runs flawlessly. Here you can buy or sell just about anything.