Training Guide

Learn how to train and why training is useful.

Training & Showing

Horses showing scores are influenced by their training. Learn how here!

Breeding & Training

Learn how through breeding, sires and dams influence a foals performance stats, training boost, and more.

Training Manuals

Learn about the training manuals and how they are helpful in a training program.

Foal Training

Unlock a foal’s potential through foal training. Through training learn your foals personality and unlock training boost.


Learn about the possible disciplines you can train in.

Training Arenas

To train horses you must either own the correct training arena or train at someone else open training center. Training centers contain training arenas where you can train horses to gain performance stats. Untrained horses typically don’t sell well nor perform well.

There are 4 training arenas that may be bought from Mason in construction. Each arena has specific disciplines it is able to train. Training arenas can only be purchased by upgraded players. Owning a training center with training arenas allows a player to offer training at a price for a bit of extra income. To the right is a list of disciplines per training arena. When new disciplines are added, they will be added to one of these arenas.



Training arenas have certification requirements to be able to train horses at each discipline level. Training arenas add the ability to train the disciplines specified to them, a list is below. In order to train high-level horses, the discipline must be certified to the horse’s level or higher. (Ex. Training a Local Dressage level horse at certified Elite Dressage discipline is possible but not vice versa.) Certifications increased per discipline at a cost.


Foundation Begin at the Foundation level for free.
Local Awarded 1/2 star (1/2* total rating) and costs 2,500 bits
State  Awarded 1/2 star (1* total rating) and costs 5,000 bits.
Regional  Awarded 1/2 star (1 1/2*   total rating) and costs 7,500 bits.
National Awarded 1 star (2 1/2* total rating) and costs 12,500 bits.
International Awarded 1 star (3 1/2* total rating) and costs 15,000 bits.
Elite Awarded 1 star (4 1/2* total rating) and costs 17,500 bits.
Universal Awarded 1/2 star (5* total rating) and costs 20,000 bits.

Indoor Arena


Western Pleasure


Pole Bending

Barrel Racing




Outdoor Arena

Show Jumping




Hunter Under Saddle


Race Track

Flat Racing

Hurdle Racing

Outdoor Course

Cross Country



Career Training

Training horses in a career only requires you to own or train at any single training arena. This means careers are not specifically tied to a single training arena. Training in a career helps boost your horses career bit earnings as performance stats act as a boost for your horse.


Discipline Training

Discipline training requires you to have the correct training arena for the horses’ discipline. These are listed above.