Care, Boarding, & Life Cycle

It is important to know how energy and health are used and gained, how to properly care for your horse, boarding options, and the expected lifetime of your horse. This is the first step in understanding how horses interact with showing, training, and breeding. Click each header to view more information.

Energy and Health

Energy and health for your horse is reset daily. Learn how energy and health affects actions, resets, and can be improved.


All horses need daily care but it doesn’t have to be a tedious drag! Care includes feeding, watering, and grooming your horse.


Horses need somewhere to rest for the night. Learn about boarding at home or away and benefits to each.

Your Horses Life Paths

At the start of your horses life there are several paths they can take. All horses have an ideal path. Learn how to pick the best path for your horse. Career? Discipline showing? Halter showing? Lawn ornament?

Life Cycle

Horses age 1 year each week but also go through various life changes. Learn about a horses life cycle.


At the end of a horses lifetime, they go into retirement. Learn more here.