Horses use energy for several daily actions. Energy is used for:

  • Discipline Shows (10% per show)
  • Halter Shows (20% per show)
  • Career Jobs (20% per job)
  • Training (10% for foals, 5% for adults)
  • Breeding (20% per fail & success)
  • Straw/Egg retrieval (20% per success)

Every day horses will have 100% of energy to be used for the day. Currently, this is the only way to gain energy. Once horses reach 0% energy, they can no longer do any more actions for the day.

Energy & Breeding

Energy is used for breeding for both successful and failed breedings. Failed breedings use 20% of energy but, if your horse has enough energy to immediately try again, it may. Cooldown only applies for successful breedings. Stallion cooldown is 2 days and mare cooldown is 7 days.


A horse’s health is determined by its care. Horses not cared for will have low health and must be fed and watered to regain their health. Grooming is optional and adds 10% more health and reduced BS variation when breeding.

Energy & Training

Horses begin life with foal training. Foal training takes 10% energy per action and must be completed to earn their training boost, reveal personality and enter foal halter shows.  Should a foals training not be completed by the time they are 2 years old, it must be taken to the vet to reveal its personality. Horses cannot earn their lost training boost if they did not earn it by 2 years old.

Once foal training is complete you may begin training performance stats once a discipline or career is set. Each performance stat training uses 5% energy and has a cap of 5 training sessions per week.