Boarding your horses either at home or with another boarding center is required to do any actions with your horse. Both boarding at home and with someone else has its perks but generally player chose to use both options to increase their herd size.

 Home Boarded Care

Horses boarded at home have a few care options:

  1. You may manually feed/water/groom each daily from their page but, this takes the most time.
  2. You may buy feed and water storage from Mason in construction. On a horses edit page you may select for them to eat and drink from storage nightly. Just be sure you have enough stored feed and water! Check this under Estate>Manage>Storage.
  3. You may also hire employees to mass feed, water, or groom your horses. Frank may be hired for feeding, Davita hired for grooming and Morgan for watering. Employees may be hired through construction for 50,000 bits each as a one-time payment. To use employees you select the checkboxes above your horse list in Horses>Manage>Care

Away Boarding Options

Away boarding uses boarding passes. Unupgraded players are given 100 boarding passes while upgraded players are given 250-300. This means in addition to home-boarded horses you can board either 100 or 250-300 horses with someone else.

Horses boarded at someone else’s boarding center have a few care options:

  1. DIY – Do it yourself. This means all you pay for is the stall space to keep another horse. The boarding center will not have any care benefit to you. You will still have to manually feed/water/groom your horse.
  2. Part- Part care includes feed and water. Generally, part care costs more than DIY care as the boarding center must cover feed and water costs. If you only want to have to groom horses this option is for you!
  3. Full – Full care includes feed, water, and groom. Full care typically costs the most but ensures your horse is always fully cared for. If you wish to not have to worry about daily care, this boarding option is recommended.

Home Board Steps

Home boarding is the easiest way to quickly board your horses. To home board you must:

  1. Purchase stalls from Mason in construction.
  2. Ensure you have open stalls to board
  3. Click “Board at Home” to board at home.
  4. In the top right click the checkmark to save these new changes.

NOTE: Home boarding means you must have the proper training center to train at home, otherwise you must train through community training.


When home boarding you will notice two new checkboxes appear after boarding at home. If you own feed and water storage and wish for your horse to eat and drink automatically overnight, check these boxes. If you do not and do not check these boxes, your horse will need to be to cared for either manually or through using employees.


Away Board Steps

Boarding away has its perks. Before boarding away be sure to know which boarding option suits you best, DIY, Part, or Full care. As a note, Part and Full boarding care generally have the least amount of daily work for you but cost more from boarding centers. To board away:

  1. On your horses page click the “Edit” icon.
  2. Scroll to the “Boarding” and “Working Paths” boxes.
  3. Select either a discipline or a career to populate boarding centers that suit your horses needs.
  4. Scroll the list of borders to find one in your price point.
  5. In the top right click the checkmark to save these new changes

When selecting a boarding center remember their price is set for what you will pay per night to board.