In Horse Fable time runs much quicker than many are used to. Every 7 days is equal to 1 real-life year. This means horses age +1 year each week.

Birth to 2 Years

Horses are immediately born after a breeding pair is bred. Foals are born at 0 years old and display as well… foals!

When foals are born it’s important to remember:

  • Foals need to be boarded for feed, water, and groom.
  • Foals can start foal training to reveal personality traits and training boost.
  • Once a foal completes foal training, it may enter foal halter shows to get an early leg-up in levels.


2 to 20 years

Horses go through several phases throughout their lifetime from 2 to 20 years. These are:

  • 2 years
    • Horses age into adulthood and display as adults.
    • Horses with grey genes display the start of the greying process. Color name is Greying + Color Name.
  • 3 years
    • Horses become breedable and can begin producing offspring.
  • 4 years
    • Horses with grey genes continue to become more grey. Color name changes to either, Steel Grey (Black bases) or Rose Grey (Bay and chestnut bases)
  • 8 years
    • Horses with heterozygous grey (Gg) end their greying process.
  • 10 years
    • Horses with homozygous grey (GG) end their greying process.
  • 20 years
    • The final age-up of where horses will not retire naturally. Horses are now entering older age.

21+ Years

At midnight on a horse’s birthday where it ages to 21 begins the possibility of your horse retiring. This means the last guaranteed full year of your horse’s life is at age 20.

At their 21 year age-up horses have a 10% chance of retiring with this increasing by 10% each age-up after. Any time between age-up to 21 to 29 horses may retire naturally. At age-up to 30, horses are automatically retired.

Horses that have been custom-made will not begin to possibly retire until after their age-up on their 25th birthday.


20 to 21 10%
21 to 22 20%
22 to 23 30%
23 to 24 40%
24 to 25 50%
25 to 26 60%
26 to 27 70%
27 to 28 80%
28 to 29 90%
29 to 30 100%


Greying occurs for horses with grey genes (Gg or GG). This process occurs from birth where foals display light “goggles” around the eyes with the process ending at 8 or 10 years old.  Horses grey out to be solid greys such as Steel Grey, Rose Grey, or Light Grey but can also rarely grey out to be Fleabitten Grey. Fleabitten grey horses occur at a low chance but more often, Gg horses may be fleabitten.