Performance Stats

Performance Stats (PS) are earned thoroughly weekly training in your horses discipline(s) or career. Horses can be trained 5 times a week with their training resetting 7 days after their last full train. (Ex. I train all 5 trainings on Monday, next Monday I can train again.). Horses can specialize in primary and secondary disciplines.


The Stats

Horses have six performance stats: Speed, Power, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, and Flexibility. A combo of any three stats contributes to a career or discipline with a primary, secondary, and tertiary stat. The stat values will calculate your horse’s show score and also determine what show level your horse competes in. The three unused stats for the discipline do not affect the show score.


Show Level

Show rank and tier is determined by the sum of your horses stats that contribute to the discipline. If the discipline requires speed, agility, and power, then the value of those stats will be added together and give you a PS value for the discipline.

The chart below shows what show rank and tier each PS total falls into.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Foundation 30 2,580 6,480 12,980 23,730
Local 330 3,030 7,230 14,230 25,730
State 630 3,480 7,980 15,480 27,730
Regional 930 3,930 8,730 16,730 29,730
National 1,230 4,380 9,480 17,980 31,730
International 1,530 4,830 10,230 19,230 33,730
Elite 1,830 5,280 10,980 20,480 35,730
Universal 2,130 5,730 11,730 21,730 37,730

Moving Up Ranks and Tiers

Horses show level is determined by the sum of the PS in the discipline. To move up show level you must train your horse and your horse will move up these levels by following the blue arrows to the right.