Grade Horses

Grade Horses are a way to breed colors into your favorite breed. For example, someone may want to breed leopard Clydesdales but the leopard gene is not present in the breed. Through breeding selection, creating a leopard Clydesdale is possible. This is done by selective crossbreeding.

When crossbreeding reaches 95% of a single breed horses revert to Grade {Purebreed Name}. Grade horses are labeled as “Grade” before the breed name to indicate the horse has lineage that is not completely pure and may have genes not allowed in the breed registry.

With grade horses, you may breed certain colors (or markings) into breeds but grade horses cannot be registered with a breed registry nor will they ever produce purebred offspring. Grade horses may only register with a club and will receive grey stars.


Art will be made for grade horses on a rolling basis. This means some grade horses will keep generic base art until the new art layer is complete. There is a post in the “Game Discussion” forum where players can submit horses that are Grade that need artwork layers made.

Wild Type Breeds

Two breeds are currently excluded from this “Grade” designation, Brumbies and Mustangs. These are considered wild-type breeds and have previously been allowed to have color bred back into them. Both these breeds are able to be registered into their Breed Registry and will never have “Grade” listed before their breed.

Current Grade Horses

There are a few breeds that have achieved “Grade “designation and have new coat colors. These horses have coats not seen in their breed. Horses with the “Grade” designation cannot:

  • Produce purebred offspring, all foals will be “Grade”.
  • Register in the purebred registry.

To view a current list of all grade horses view them here!