Enter All

Save settings to quickly enter horses from their page. Settings may be saved under Estate>Manage>Settings. Here you indicate how many halter or discipline shows horses should enter, if they should enter based on fee or entrants, or enter only primary or secondary discipline.

Enter All II

When viewing a show page you are given the option to enter all eligible horses in that show at once. Ex. On a foundation pulling show page you may quickly enter all horses who are foundation level in pulling.

Training Manual

The training manual account upgrade is helpful if your stable has training facilities and horses are boarded and have enough energy. The manual allows you to mass train all horses 100 at a time in your training center.


Training Manual II

The Training Manual II saves the settings from previous training from training centers. Ex. If you trained 3 in the primary discipline and 2 in the career this will be saved for the next time you train the horse. It also shows a log of who has been trained during the week.

Brand Reset

Want to change your brand after you’ve already used your free reset? Pay 50 ingots to set a new one!