The view page from the Horses navigation displayed your stable page and all of your horses. This is where you will acess horses to view their specific pages.

Viewing Tabs

Just like this uses an accordion tab, your stable page uses accordion tabs too. Tabs are automatically collapsed when viewing your stable page to save the hassle of scrolling for very long.

To view horses simply click any tab and it will unfold showing all horses in the tab.


Horses in your uncategorized tab have not been sorted into any other tabs. They are fine to stay here but you may end up with a long list of horses and lots of pages to view.

To make viewing your horses more manageable use tabs to sort them and mass move then from Estate>Manage>Tabs

Parts of the Page

Horses display several pieces of information for you. From left to right you see:

Small image -> Horses Name -> Horses Color -> Breed -> Gender -> Age -> Energy % ->Level -> PS