The HoFa Discord is the complimentary hub to the in-game forum where
townsfolk (players) can engage with each other outside of the town and game. It is also a place where sneak peeks are often unveiled!

When joining the Discord you must read the #welcome-and-rules channel before you can post anything at all on Discord.  To join the rest of the server you must react to the last message in the channel to agree to the Discord Rules. Head over to #introduce-yourself and post a little information about yourself so that you can be properly greeted by other locals and the Welcome Wagon team! Lastly, head on over to #role-request to join special interest channels and let us know your preferred pronouns.


The #announcements channel is used to announce news updates and changes to the game. This is a great way to know when updates happen asap!

Special Interest Channels

There are also plenty of special interest channels that people use to chat about common interests with the rest of the townspeople in HoFa! Some people enjoy posting in #model-horses, #gardening, #music, #pets, and many other categories! Be sure to join all the channels you like or suggest one that you think would benefit the community.


Aside from the wonderful events and chit-chat between town locals, the Discord is also a
great place where one can ask questions and seek extra help. Of course, it’s always best to read every guide that ‘Reed LePage’ has jotted down and documented (via the Wiki Page and Quick Start)! Sometimes, like that pesky crow, certain things may remain mysterious, so that’s when
joining the Discord would be a good idea after you have read all the Wiki Pages provided by ‘Reed LePage’.

If you encounter any of those pesky bugs – it would be good to go to ‘Help’ –> ‘Bug Box’ so
that the admins and moderators can easily quash those pesky varmints before they do any more
damage! If you don’t see a bug similar to yours posted to the ‘Bug Box’ be sure to submit your report!