Quick Start Guide

Hello there! I’ve compiled a quick start guide for you while the other town locals are busy. Seems everyone did their best to prepare their stores for a influx of new comers but failed to hire any help. Hmph. 

The Guide

This guide is helpful in getting started and giving an overview of everything very quickly. The guide is organized into:

  • Estate
  • Horses
  • Town/Market
  • A Special Note
Acronyms & Currency
Bits Bits are coins used to purchase items from feed to horses.
Ingots Ingot purchases help Amy convince the capital to fund new additions to the town.
RP Reputation Points Reputation Points are earned through showing. Don’t we all love to brag?
BS Breed Standards Breed Standards (BS) are number values that tell you if your horses is close to its breed standard
PS Performance Stats This is your horse’s skills and how well it can compete in competitions or shows
TB Training Boost A training boost gives a boost to your horses performance stats earnings in trainings.


Your estate houses all of your buildings and is a set number of acres. You may build and expand your estate with estate expansions. Each type of expansion has its benefit to you such as stalls to board more horses at home and even employees to hire.

Mason has kindly given you:


+10 acres


+2 horse stalls

Homemade Show Arena

+3 show creation

The homeland is 10 acres in size and has a lean-to and show arena on it. Mason has given this to you since he’s been needing it off his hands. something about strange happenings or what not.

It’s important to note for your estate:

  • Building on your estate requires acres.
  • You can build expansions by purchasing from Mason at Construction.

Learn about Estate Expansions


Learn about your estate overview.

Estate Management

Learn the options you have to manage your estate.

Career Center

Learn about horse careers and how you can earn bits.

Traning Center

If you are upgraded you may own a training center.

Boarding Center

If you are upgraded you may own a boarding center.


Getting Horses

You can get horses from various locations around the game.

  • Foundation Store – This is the perfect place to find horses with no lineage.
  • Rescue Center – Cheap horses can be found in abundance here. The perfect place to start out with better horses than in the Foundation Store for cheaper.
  • Marketplace – View and offer on horses for sale by other players.
  • Other Players – You can find horses for sale in other players’ sales pens.


Boarding Horses & Care

Horses must be boarded to do any actions with them and require care. Your unboarded horses will appear in your In Transport under the Horse navigation. You can either board a horse at your own estate or board with other estates.

Horses may have a path chosen for them that is either:

Following any of these paths is a great way to make bit earnings and improve your horse.


Breeding is an important part of Horse Fable. Horses must be 3 years old + and in good health to breed.


Training horse improves performance stats that are used in disciplines and careers. If you don’t own your own training enter use community training.


Showing horses is a core part of Horse Fable. enter into shows daily and watch your horse rise to the top!

Horses have a variety of stats and information. Knowing what each does is important for breeding and showing.

  • Energy & Health – All horses have daily energy and health that is reset at night. Both are important to breeding, training, and showing.
  • Breed Standard (BS) – Every horse has a breed standard and helps determine discipline and halter show scores. People tend to like horses with good and excellent breed standards.
  • Performance Stats (PS) – Performance stats determine discipline scores and a bonus in careers. People tend to like horses with higher PS
  • Skills – skills are used for careers and halter shows. The more the skills the better career payout and halter show bonus.
  • Personality – Horses are more than machines. They have a personality that helps determine an ideal career.

There’s lots more to do with horses through breeding a few to keep in mind are:

  • Crossbreeding – Have a favorite crossbreed? Recognized crossbreed join the lands from time to time.
  • Create a breed – Create a club and start creating your own unique horse breed.
  • Grade Breeding – Have a breed you like but want to make it a nifty color? Breed any color into any breed!
  • Straws, Eggs, & Embryos – Save a genetic line through keeping straws, egg,s and embryos.
  • Studs & Broods – Keep your breeding options open by using studs and broods or offering them.


The town is home to many of the locals and has several locations that are beneficial to visit.

  • Vet – Owned by Dr. Be Hoofinit, Bea offers many services from genetic testing to personality revealing.
  • Game Room – Strata Gee is one of the more secluded locals but tried offer a place to make a few bits while enjoying a game or two.
  • Lab – Helix is the local town scientist and is able to create all sorts of things. They also excel at breeding predictions and AI breeding.
  • Clubs – Join like-minded locals or open your own club. Clubs help create community and even some create new breeds!
  • Registries – Purebred horses can be registered and compete in halter shows.
  • Hall of Fame – Local legend Halle Fayme runs the Hall of Fame and shows off daily rankings.
  • Training – Adden Skeels keeps track of open community training facilities
  • Town Hall – Reed LePage works at the town hall to compile all of the local documentation and much much more. Reed is quite the know-it-all and has plenty of knowledge.
  • Halter Arena – Enter horses in halter shows if they are registered in a registry.
  • Shows Arena – Join the chaos of the show arena and enter into discipline shows.


  • Bildmore Construction – Mason Bildmore hangs around here and sells all estate expansions and upgrades. Best to stay on his good side.
  • Sellum General – The general Store is owned by Will Sellum. A local business person who loves to import new items and sell in bulk!
  • Rescue – Sae Vedd opened the rescue due to the high rate of wandering domesticated horses in the wilds. Here, she gives surrendered horses a second chance.
  • Foundation Store – Aren Gee loves to play matchmaker and will sell you any breed or gender of horse that comes to her from the wilds.
  • Ingot Store – Ingots are highly valuable currency and help bring new features to town! Amy Thyst has spent a lifetime forging the finest ingots.
  • Bank – Everyone needs somewhere to hold their bits. Macon Green owns the local bank and has quite a few feelings about well…everything.
  • Market – No one knows quite who runs the market but it runs flawlessly. Here you can buy or sell just about anything.

A Special Note

If you’ve gotten this far congrats! Most people tend to not read my extensive collection but I’m glad you did. If you find yourself wondering what to do first I suggest following these steps:

  1. First, you’ll need a horse but Helix has given you a coin and you’ve created one already. If you haven’t there’s a breed coin in your storage room (Account>Storage Room) to design a horse.
  2. Go to your “In Transport” and click your horse.
  3. On their profile page click the edit icon in the top right. It’s the pencil!
  4. Select a nice name for your horse and then a discipline.
  5. Once discipline is selected pick a boarding center. I highly suggest picking one with FULL board. Makes care easier for you. Be sure to note that price though.
  6. Click save in the top right corner, it’s the checkmark.
  7. TADA! You are now ready to train or show your horse.

Beyond that short list of how to situate your horse, there’s plenty on my documentation that you can read to learn more. Everything above is a quick glance at everything with links and such. But hey, there’s tons more to know and it’s worth wandering around here.


If you get lost, frustrated, or have questions ask in Community>Forums or join this thing call a Discord server.