View a mass overview of all of your horses in one single list. Filter by boarding status, age, breed, color, or gender.


Quickly view horses who are in need of care. % of health, indication if a horse is using feed/water storage, or if you have employees, view checkboxes to mass feed/water/groom horses.


View all horses with their breed variance (only calculates if breed standard is in your BS tracker), # of retrievals for the week, and all BS values.


View all current foals age, days until age-up, earned training boost, number of completed foal training, and halter points.


View all horses who are in disciplines. Sort horses by level, total PS, primary and secondary discipline with rank and tier.


View all of your horses halter title points and horses with titles as well as star tier.


View all of your horse’s personalities, careers, and career tires quickly. Easily filter by age, career, tier, or personality.